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Song Lyrics:

A Friend Like You  (All songs © 1997 by Ray Korona)


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December of Ď95, most of France had had enough.

The so-called liberal president kept saying times are tough.

But everywhere you looked, the rich were getting more.

Everybody else was shown the door.

Tens of thousands out of work, now health care gets the axe.

Soon pensions will be sacrificed: Shut up and pay the tax.

The railroad workers vowed, "These ghouls can take a hike.

Get out on the street. Weíre gonna strike!"


Chorus: Tous ensemble! Tous ensemble!

All together we will win.

Tous ensemble! Tous ensemble!

We can win together.


Just eight percent of workers were in unions now in France.

The railroad union could be crushed but still they took the chance.

And workers marched with homeless to bring down the elites.

Two million people filled the streets.


repeat chorus


Bridge: Nurses, teachers, artists, unemployed

Black, white, women and men

Here to take our country back again!

The trains are running now and the factory whistles blow.

From economic genocide, itís back to status quo.

But itís a different world--now they know weíre there.

Listen, you can hear it in the air.


repeat chorus







Voice 1: Now you write that you are coming back this way again

After so many years gone by.

Voice 2: Deep inside, Iím shaken to the core.

I never had a friend like you before.


Chorus (Both voices): Who are you, who am I?

What holds us together as the strongest waves go by.

When Iím sure Iíll never understand,

I touch your hand.


Voice 2: Distant drumming I heard calling drew me out to sea--

Seeking a place to light my soul.

Voice 1: Back here I still walk the same old ground.

Does either of us know where we are bound.


repeat chorus


Voice 1: Change your mind and change your plans; life goes on this way.

But whoíd ever change a friend like you?

Voice 2: I know if my darkest hour came

You would be there calling out my name.


repeat chorus


Tag (alternating voices): A friend like you...







Let your roving eyes peruse that memo

And your free hand grab this report.

Make a move now back into your office.

Try your luck with those lines at a singles resort.


Chorus: The economyís rough and I try to earn a living.

Itís hard enough with all the taking and giving.

I tell you right now youíre heading straight for a fall.

If thereís sexual harassment, Iím calling the law.


Iím not hear as your loving date

Or to help your libido unwind.

This is nine-to-five, not fantasy island.

Bring your newspaper here, leave your "Hustler" behind.


repeat chorus


You can let it loose in your bedroom;

Do your thing in a menís room stall.

But when you come here on a work day,

Itís not okay for you to drool and paw.


repeat chorus


You can compliment me on my job skills

Not on how much you enjoy the view.

There are lots of things Iíve learned to put up with,

But Iíll tell you one of them sure isnít you.

repeat chorus

Spoken tag.








Chorus: Won't you sing one song for me?

I'd like to sing one for you.

Soft as a snowflake; warm as a kiss.

We'll see the sun shining through!


Some nights the river's cold icy blue;

Some days it's green in the sun.

Sometimes I feel such hope in the world;

Sometimes I'm sure that we're done.


repeat chorus


I've seen those who wander around

Scattered like leaves in the breeze.

Some search for gold dust; some look for love.

Guess I'll just do what I please.


repeat chorus


May the stars and planets all glow

Spinning their magic tonight.

Let there be music loose in the world;

Good friends by sweet fire light.


repeat chorus







Joe always worked hard come what may.

But he got sick for awhile, lost his pay.

So they dumped him on the street and oh...

In the city thereís a million miles of concrete

And Joe just canít lie down to please his feet.

The block associations donít want him on their street.

Theyíve got the night sticks; theyíve got Joe beat.


Chorus: He keeps searching for a time and place

Where we can see each other in every living face.

Where there are no more desperate streets to roam

And everyone can find the way home.


Deep inside Joeís got a story that must be told:

How bottles, cans and peopleís lives are sold.

So many empty rooms, but he sleeps out in the cold.

If you donít glitter, guess youíre not gold.


repeat chorus


Joe donít read newspapers; theyíre blankets for his bed.

Old matches and butts start fights--a manís left dead.

A new friend lends a room. Now Joeís inside and fed.

But his bed outside has found a new head.


repeat chorus: Letís keep searching...







Reaching for a way to climb a little higher,

Eddie kept repeating how Harry should retire.

Liz told her boss Jim sheíd save him from the fire

With some family money if heíd help her to conspire.

Ken is busy scheming about what to acquire--

Why every time you see him, he looks a little slyer.

Eddie didnít make it Ďcause he couldnít learn to dress.

Jim fled to Costa Rica rather than confess.

When the news reached Liz, she poured a double scotch.

Somehow in the confusion, Ken moved up another notch.


Chorus: Look out, Executive Hill.

Where youíve got to run or attack--

Watch out for a stab in the back.

Seen you with your hand in the till!

Look out, Executive Hill.


When Eddieís family left, he felt so crucified.

Heíd done it all for them, but they couldnít see his side.

The courtroom overflowed the day Ken testified:

Heíd known about the defects, they showed how he had lied.

The big success was Liz but she keeps a lot inside

And sometimes when she drinks, she mentions suicide.

But the ads were good; the competition dwindled.

The dividends got bigger as the customers got swindled.

Jim bet on the elections-- he gave all he could afford.

Came back from Costa Rica as the chairman of the board!


Repeat chorus and add tag: Looked out, Xecutive Hill.







In a small Italian village so many years ago,

Ambrosioís young class would sing and play.

From that little one room school house to the valleys and the hills

They still whistle those old tunes he taught today.


Chorus: Ambrosio! O bella musica!

I feel your spirit; it makes me sing.

I know somehow as this long road bends,

Weíll hold each other: eternal friends.


Soon the children learned this lesson: put love in all you do.

Just try your best and leave the rest to fate.

Some grew up to plant the fields; some had children of their own.

They found life is mostly music we create.


repeat chorus


On a balmy summer evening; the moon was high and full.

I walked out where the mountain meets the sea.

You could hear it in the ocean. It was shining from the stars.

I knew somehow his music lived in me.


repeat chorus








When I was quite young, I saw a strange sight.

It was no dream or trick of the mind:

A woman who seemed to be made out of light

Though her features were clearly defined.

She stood in the tall grass by a lake that warm night.

Her words felt so true and so kind.


Chorus: Will you live for peace? Will you sing for peace?

May your heart find peace.


Then war came about and everyone said

We were right and I really should go.

But pain and destruction and lives drowned in red

Was the terror I soon was to know.

And after a bad fight as they buried the dead,

I heard her voice crying so low.


repeat chorus


Now my friends and I say that wars must be banned

For the sake of all life everywhere.

But others tell us that we donít understand--

Theyíre fighting to make the world fair.

But as bombs fall on people at some generalís command,

Weíre chanting these words like a prayer.


repeat chorus






As the pickers play,

Your pocket's picked.

Once again, you've been tricked

If you're a folk addict.



Downstairs in the church basement

It seemed so innocent and quaint.

I guess I might have known

That tender singer was no saint.

She drove three hundred miles

To perform for us that night--

A little audience of seventeen.

Now you know something wasn't right.


Chorus:  Come on, sing along

             Soon we're closing down

             Sign the mailing list; buy a tape

             This folksinger's leaving town!


Eventually we realized

She played no instrument at all.

She called this a cappella.

I call it how she makes her haul.

She doesnít spend a nickel

On guitar strings or a band.

She says her repertoireís traditional--

Another word for second hand!


repeat chorus


Thereís no doubt itís a rip-off--

Just figure out the price per song.

To minimize the work,

She even made us sing along.

They asked for contributions

How incredibly unfair!

As she devoured her free cookies,

They said I should fold and stack my chair.


repeat chorus


Sheís fabulous and famous.

I read that outside on her sign.

And she also sells tee shirts--

Just call her 1-800 line.

She said we all were so good

Sheíd sing us one more tune.

Then she asked who would put her up

Someplace where she could sleep until high noon!


double chorus 




A friendly face, a pc flyer,

Some homemade pastries on the way--

Iím in love with life all over

At the Peoplesí Voice Cafe.


Chorus: Itís a progressive cafe,

Made from dreams and brick and wood.

When the music starts to play,

The politics are always good.


So wonít you please become a member

Or better yet, a volunteer.

Put some muscle where your heart is

So weíre all still here next year.


repeat chorus


Iím told thereís happiness in heaven.

Thatís just a fantasy some say.

But with the concerts at the cafe,

You can count on Saturday.


double chorus







The midnight swims, camping in the country--

We tried everything since we knew.

One special night: Oh, what a party!

All our friends were there for you.


Chorus: They say itís goodbye, old friend.

No itís not the end.

Somehow, we go on. We go on.


Rewind the years; light up all these windows.

Bring the springtime back to our yard.

Some stormy days used to have rainbows.

Nothing ever seemed this hard.


repeat chorus


We set a time; joined in celebration.

Calling out the joys once again:

Our love for you, your inspiration.

Everyone that day knew when


repeat chorus and add tag: Weíll go on.







We all arrived as strangers

Here to staff Camp Guadalupe.

But the chef quit and the kids were coming

So we tried to make soup.


chorus: With strange and wondrous flavors

Mixed by many different hands,

It would feed all the hungry

Our soup of many lands.


Eototo said that corn

Gives very pure nutrition.

So we placed it in the boiling water

In the Hopi tradition.

The Tae Kwon Do instructor

Had her own taste idea.

She said add soy and a lot of ginger

Just like home in Korea.


repeat chorus


From the secret stash he brought,

Jose gave his yucca root.

Said itís so good and Iím glad to share it.

Hey, thereís no substitute.

Then Claire brought out her herbs

That help your stomach settle.

Theyíre from Haiti and theyíre really magic.

She threw them in the kettle.


repeat chorus


The kids got there Ďbout that time

And they all helped cook it too--

With what they brought like chips, raisins and

A chocolate covered cashew.

To call it nouveau gourmet

Would be to say the least.

But we laughed and we ate together

And we had the greatest feast!


double chorus