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Song Lyrics:


It's Still the 60's (All songs 1992 by Ray Korona)


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The sun eats up the darkness now;

It bursts upon the city!

Life rises from the shadows.

And way out in the country

Where the eye can see for miles--

Everywhere, everything glows.


What will we do with the hours of this morning?

What will we do with the hours of the days of our lives?

A stack of thousand dollar bills

Is waiting on the table.

Who wants to join the payroll?

No computer software can help you with such questions.

This answer comes from the soul.


Some children have such big plans,

They must believe in magic.

Then, someone says they're daydreams.

But if that doesn't stop them

And they leap to scale the fences,

Magic's around more than it seems!






Have you always kept your secrets?

Have your secrets all been told?

Did you find the things you needed?

Did it always seem so cold?

You've left many days behind you.

Some of them have left their mark.

Can you see any farther through the dark?


You can find it, you can bind it with love, with love.

You can feel it, you can heal it with love, with love.

Have you looked behind the faces

Of the people you have seen?

Did you see the joy and pain there--

All the spaces in between?

Or did you just try to use them,

Turn away when you were through?

Did you reach out and say,

"I love you."


Oh the road can sure get rocky

And who knows where it leads.

But a light that shines inside us

Shows our visions and our needs.

So I'll be there if you want me

Or as hard as it may seem,

I'll leave you to follow

Your own dream.


With love, with love, with love, with love,

With love, with love, with love, with love.






You sat day after day leaning on that tree;

Struggling to find answers or dig them out of me.

So many old dreams gone. Still, what can we do?

Is there something we can find somehow and know it's true?

The night blends with the fog, cloaked in its disguise.

People say they're with you but some of them tell lies.

A voice inside you sneers: you can't part the sea.

But your heart is beating out so strong. You will be free.


You'll be out there painting the air.

Maybe, they'll notice and maybe they'll care.

We try so hard and wish on a star,

And paint our dreams wherever we are!

A fragile, little plant's breaking through the ice.

Sovereign rulers tumble as history rolls the dice.

When you feel the strength, you'll know how to fly.

With the power that's inside of you, you'll touch the sky.








No more Governor Wallace on "Meet the Press."

No McCarthy pins; no SDS.

No long haired professors going out on a limb

And I ain't heard nothin' from Tiny Tim, but

It's still the sixties.

With those corporate smoke stacks spraying the air

And the Board of Directors saying they're not there,

It's still the sixties.

When what makes money decides what's fair

And you're always right if you're a billionaire,

It's still the sixties.

I don't hear those old folk songs anymore

Like "Michael Row Your Boat Ashore."

No more of that twistin' to a hot forty-five.

Gotta buy CD's now to survive, but

It's still the sixties.

When you're sent to fight on a faraway shore;

Donate some blood in an oil war,

It's still the sixties.

Same grade "B" movie it was before.

From the desert sands to El Salvador,

It's still the sixties.



We'd better not go to the demonstration.

They say those days are through.

But I feel this growing frustration, don't you.


You don't feed your head to make it grow.

Where did all the flower children go?

No happenings happen at the lake in the dark

Since they built these condos on every park.

It's still the sixties.

If you want a job, don't say what you think

To earn a nice living on the nuclear brink.

It's still the sixties.

Drink up that sludge pumped through your sink.

They say times have changed now, but they always wink.

It's still the sixties.

Yeah, they're living in the sixties.

Oh, oh, like they did it in the sixties.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, oh yeah.






Remember in our college days of Vietnam and student rights,

We poured our lives into the fight.

Our hearts sang out like sirens in the night!

And, Jim, you were a leader then. You knew that we could overcome.

You spoke the words; you beat the drum.

We dreamed our dreams of what we might become.



Jim, where are you now?

Was it so hard, you just stopped believing?

Jim, I know somehow we still can take control of our own lives.


We woke up to the seventies and nothing seemed so black and white.

Our heroes didn't shine so bright.

We turned inside and you slipped out of sight.

The women's movement gathered strength and men began to work things through.

A spirit from within us grew.

And through it all, I remembered you.


I heard you were a corporate man and you got married someone said.

You made it to department head; now you dream of stock reports instead.

Another rumor tells the tale how you got hooked on harder stuff.

Things blew up and it got tough.

I wish you called me-- we were close enough.


A real life 1984: Big Brother's TV missile war.

Just cutbacks, if you're sick or poor.

Will you stand up the way you did before?

I know you've thought about the nukes. With one false move we'll all be killed;

No matter what we've worked to build.

We can't let this madness be fulfilled!



Jim, come back, Jim. Come back, Jim. Come back, Jim. Come back, Jim!






I started out, the road seemed fair.

Nothing to go wrong.

Then came the night; left me alone

With nothing but a song.

I'd like to know. Can music show the way.


I used my hands to shape and mold

Out of what I found.

Now each day brings me beautiful things

Spreading all around.

Do you think that our work can lead us home?


Soon I found friends, especially you,

Moving the same way.

When I looked up, I saw such stars.

It felt like it was day.

My heart tells me:

You know this course is true.






Got an idea whose time has come

A money maker, I think.

I call it Outer Space Incorporated.

That's Outer Space, Inc.


Bop she bop she bop doo wop wop

Bop she bop she bop cash

Bop she bop she bop doo wop wop

Bop she bop she bop trash


You fall into a big black hole;

Your spaceship begins to sink.

We've got an intergalactic towing truck

In Outer Space, Inc.

You're stranded on a red hot star

And dying to have a drink.

There's a robot vending machine

In Outer Space, Inc.


NASA says we've had enough frivolous exploration.

Finally, the stars are ripe for commercial exploitation.

Gonna grab up the sun and the moon;

Copyright them before you blink.

If you ever want to see them again,

Pay Outer Space, Inc.


Say you really need to fly home fast.

Let's hear those tokens clink.

We've got an extraterrestrial toll road

In Outer Space, Inc.

If this all sounds like one big joke,

Let me tell you, we're on the brink.

You can be left out or buy stock now

In Outer Space, Inc.


We learned back on Planet Earth, you've got to get in and get your share.

Space can make us rich I'm sure or they wouldn't have put it there.


(repeat first verse)







They stretch you like a rubber band.

They twist you like a paper clip.

They smear you with correction fluid.

Replace you with a micro chip.



The day's too long and the pay's too small at the office.

It's just plain wrong how they make people crawl at the office.

Have you had enough neglect? How about a little respect!

If you'll be strong, they'll be an overhaul at the office.


Do you get honest work for honest pay

Or minimum wage for maximum day?

Do you work overtime without compensation

While they take the profits and a vacation.


They ride you like an elevator.

Spin you like a swivel chair.

Drop you in the out basket.

Stab you with any icy stare.


It's easy to see, you're just being baited,

When they smile and say you're so liberated.

Serving them coffee, fulfilling their wishes.

You could have stayed home and done your own dishes.

They drive you like a staple gun.

Slam you like a file drawer.

Hang you on a balance sheet.

Walk on you like the office floor.




Sound the gong and raise a battle call at the office.

Before too long those kings are gonna fall at the office.

Sing this song and you can change it all at the office.





Brick by brick, they built the wonders of the world.

Several thousand slaves made the pyramids.

If two hundred million people in the United States alone

Each day threw away one plastic spoon,

Soon we could build a plastic pyramid to the moon.



Polluting is easy. Polluting is fun.

As long as you escape from earth before the party's done.


Hope the fish can cope with radiated scum.

Also hope you don't mind my cigarette.

Since the train gets overcrowded, it'll be better if we drive.

If I took a separate car from you,

We'd each be free to come and go as we wanted to.



The good old ways still work. It's clear.

Let the water run. Don't turn off the light.

Get out the bug spray-- kill all the termites.

But there's room to be creative here.

Quickly flush down all the potion;

Dump the test tubes in the ocean.

Watch it all disappear.


Let's incorporate so we can do much more.

Smearing all we see, sea to greasy sea.

We'll redecorate the planet, paint it a chemical gray.

You could learn to love the air this way.

And we can spray and treat and flavor it every day.









You could travel then.

Getting by if everyone would share.

We eased their burdens--

Our funny, little band that played each county fair.


Strumming hard over wood and string.

For all we are, we let our voices ring.

Though the wind blows cold and you can taste its sting,

It feels like coming home when you sing.


All the stars were friends

Lighting up the lakes and country lanes.

People smiled.

Some danced and clapped along and joined in the refrains.


Now the open land's

Paved or mined or sectioned off and sold.

Folks seem closed now--

Too busy to waste time on anything that's old.


Here's a special wish

People in these troubled times can use.

May each soul sing with

A caring open spirit this world must never lose.








Whatever happened to Crazy Kate

Who made all those puppets from rags?

She'd stand outside the shelter house

With her vaudeville hats and the shopping bags.

She danced to a tune she'd whistle

With those puppets waiving 'round like flags.

I got so busy and went my own way.

I wonder where Kate is today.


A bitter wind is blowing in.

I wouldn't go outside tonight.

It may all turn out all right.

I don't know.


Whatever happened to Mr. Mike

Who ran the old storefront cafe?

A place for any wayward soul

With a tale to tell and the time to play.

A ship full of bold mutineers;

A stable for a wounded stray--

I got so busy and went my own way.

I wonder where Mike is today.





It's hard to believe, but before long

I'll be able to retire.

And though you wouldn't say I was rich

I've got most of the things I might desire.

But I don't know.


Whatever happened to Dave and Sue

Who painted decayed walls in gold?

And garnished them with rainbow strokes,

Too big for gallery halls to hold.

Each passerby would smile

At that art work never bought or sold.

It's been years since I saw such a wall.

I haven't heard from them at all.








Everything's for sale here.

You can name your price.

But no one's buying anything at all.

Even the big houses by the water's edge

Will be left to stand alone until they fall.



Change is coming hard to Moro Bay.

Step by step, we make do.

Looking for tomorrow

Through eyes seeing only yesterday.


Radiation's like snow.

Nothing's left untouched.

It soaks through what it finds to the bone.

Cows and dogs got nervous.

Some just bolted off.

We'd all have run away if we had known.







The investors pushed; they had too much at stake.

The power company said: "What a tragic mistake."

We should have known. We should have known.

Anything can break.


Once we seemed protected

From the outside world,

But those days are just dreams that have died.

We leave here with memories--

The things we choose to bring

And the ticking clocks some take along inside.