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Song Lyrics:


Sanctions  © 2000 by Ray Korona

This song was written before the second war in Iraq began and things went from bad to worse. Original introductory statement:  Hundreds of bombing raids on Iraq continue each month, virtually unreported by the media. And still, every month an estimated 7,000 children die as a direct result of the sanctions relating to food and medicine.  For more information, go to: Sanctions.


No smiling kid, no A-plus grade, no, not in Iraq.

No electric power in the school and the bombs keep coming back.

I guess pencils are weapons, too, ‘cause no more pencils can get through.

The sanctions are your education now.




O-o-oh! Stop their mournful cries. No more children need to die.

The healing must begin. Let the world back in.


No water plant; no chlorine left; nothing safe to drink.

If you get infected from dirty water, watch your chances shrink.

They could save you with common medicine, but not the kind that can get in.

The sanctions are your deadly doctor now.


repeat chorus




They’re supposed to bring Saddam down, but Saddam’s living high.

If you’re too sick, too young, too old, you have no say— you only die.


The sanctions kill like smart bombs do. They don’t miss at all.

They leave oil drums, buildings and planes; only people fall.

Each month seven thousand children lost. A million lives— that’s the cost.

It’s wrong, so wrong. Stop the sanctions now.


repeat chorus